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Peer Discussion Groups:
The Hardest Part Is Walking Through the Door

If any of the following statements apply to you, attending a Peer Discussion Group could make all the difference:

  • I’m feeling lonely and isolated.
  • I have very few people to talk with about my infertility. No one understands!
  • Everyone I know is pregnant or has children.
  • My husband/wife is the only one I have for emotional support.
  • Infertility is affecting my job.
  • Holidays, and coping with well-meaning but clueless comments from family and friends, are a strain instead of a joy.

You can always find something else to do. But if you’d like to spend some time with people who really know what you’re going through in your experiences with infertility, then a Peer Discussion Group is for you.

Why go through infertility alone, when there’s a whole community of people who speak your language, understand your yearning, share your struggles, and feel your pain. It’s come as you are. You can pour your heart out, or be there and just listen. Both women and men are welcome, so bring your partner or come yourself.

Once you’re in the same room with other people who know how hard it can be to want a baby more than anything – the relief you will feel can’t be underestimated. You will realize how beneficial it is to connect in person with others who share similar experiences.

Peer Discussion Groups are led by volunteers who have “been there.” They volunteer their time as peer leaders because they believe that what they’ve experienced can be of help to others. They enjoy and believe in supporting others along the journey toward a family.

These group meetings generally begin with a check in, as around the circle people share their current situation and challenges. (Feel free to stay quiet if you wish.) From that sharing comes a topic or topics of discussion for the evening.

Whether you’ve been dealing with infertility for five years or five months, join us and you’ll find that you have a lot to contribute, even if you don’t say a single word! Sometimes just listening is the biggest and best support you can give to someone, or someone can give to you. Each of us struggling with infertility has his or her own particular situation, yet everyone can benefit from the insights we share together.

Connecting in person, peer to peer, has helped thousands of people find support and understanding along their journey toward creating a family. The hardest part is walking through the door.

View our current schedule of Peer Discussion Groups (general infertility).

View our current schedule of Topic Discussion Groups (focused on one particular topic).


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