Best Homework Planners: Advice for Students

When I was 17 years old and starting my senior year in high school, I found that I was having more trouble organizing and keeping up with my assignments than ever before. It felt that every day I was asking somebody “Could you help me with my homework?” as a last ditch effort to keep […]

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Homework Pros And Cons: A Brief Overview

The question of whether or not homework is still a viable tool for assessing academic learning is one that divides many of us. The resounding “you must do your homework” statement is one that has sent shudders of worry and stress down students’ spines for decades. Many have said that instilling fear in students works […]

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Should Homework Be Banned?

I’ve long been of the opinion that there is very little educational worth that comes from spending hours after school working on tedious assignments that don’t teach anything new and are ineffective at reinforcing the lessons learned in class. I know this isn’t a popular opinion among today’s educators, but as someone who has dedicated […]

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