Best Homework Planners: Advice for Students

When I was 17 years old and starting my senior year in high school, I found that I was having more trouble organizing and keeping up with my assignments than ever before. It felt that every day I was asking somebody “Could you help me with my homework?” as a last ditch effort to keep my head afloat. I needed to find a viable solution fast – and without the assistance of a professional homework helper, I knew I had to take the initiative to get things done on my own.
After reading a few articles online, I realized that one of the easiest solutions out there was to find and use a good homework planner to keep my assignments and other academic-related responsibilities in order. The following is a list of the best ones I found online for free:

Worksheet Works
This internet service is perfect for students, teachers, and parents who are looking for free resources they can easily download and use. The site provides PDFs of 5-day weekly calendars to help organize academic responsibilities, assignments, study time, quizzes and tests. The PDFs come in two formats (wide and tall) that make it simple to stick to a daily routine, no matter what grade level or subject you take in school or need homework help in.

MyHomework app
This downloadable phone app comes as both a pay-for and free version. The latter of these offers the capability to track a variety of assignments, projects, tests, and much more in an easy to use format. You can set custom reminders, track course lectures and activities, and sync between several devices. Of all the websites that help you with your homework, this is one of my favorites because the app is supported on Android and iPhones, iPad, Kindle, and Android Tablets.

My Study Life
This website claims that the days of paper planners are long gone and that today’s mobile app technologies facilitate school related activities and responsibilities like assignments, schedules, study time, and exams much more effectively than anything that came prior. A good homework CPM like this will ensure you stay ahead of the curve and succeed academically across all course subjects. Instead of searching for somebody to write my homework for me, I’m able to visit the site and find the help I need to do the work all by myself.

Scattered Squirrel
This site is one of my favorite places to turn to when I want help with my homework at no cost. It’s sort of a hidden gem because it was started by a wife and mother who has made a great living blogging about her daily activities and her strategies for taking control. It’s not uncommon for us to feel completely “scatterbrained” over our homework responsibilities from time to time. The site provides free downloadable solutions for a wide variety of everyday situations – the most important of which in this case are solutions for organizing and keeping track of schoolwork.

It’s pretty clear that the best place to go to when I need help on my homework is a professional service. But this wasn’t much of an option when I was around because of financial reasons – and I know that other students might have equally tight budgets preventing them from going this route. So, using a quality planner – preferably one that is available for free – is a great solution. Give these all a try and choose the one you find improves your productivity most effectively.

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