Homework Pros And Cons: A Brief Overview

The question of whether or not homework is still a viable tool for assessing academic learning is one that divides many of us. The resounding “you must do your homework” statement is one that has sent shudders of worry and stress down students’ spines for decades. Many have said that instilling fear in students works negatively in their journey through education, while just as many have said it is the best way to reinforce what is learned in-class lectures. This article does not aim to sway you in way or another; it is simply a review of the most cited homework pros and cons at the forefront of this question today.

List of Pros

  1. It Improves Skills in Time Management
  2. Throughout our lives we will need to learn to balance several responsibilities daily, weekly, and monthly, and in our formative years at school we get to practice time management skills by prioritizing and organizing our assignments.

  3. It Encourages Parents to Get Involved
  4. When I need help with my homework, I know that I could rely on quality support from at least one of my parents. Sometimes it’s just a bit of encouragement, while other times it’s to sit with me and work out some of the toughest problems. It’s good to have a supporting group.

  5. It Reinforces Lessons Learned in Class
  6. One of the most talked about reasons in support of take home assignments is that it gives students the ability to practice and apply the concepts and lessons learned in class. This kind of reinforcement allows them to perform better on exams.

  7. It Encourages Increased Study Time
  8. Students will often skip study time if they aren’t forced to do so by means of a take home assignment. One of the most popular homework quotes you will hear stipulates that assignments are in and of themselves a form of study that greatly improves performance.

List of Cons

  1. It Increases the Time One Spends Sitting
  2. We are constantly being told to live more active lives, but when homework takes several hours out of our day it’s too easy to develop sedentary lifestyles. Homework cheats will turn to outside assistance, but it seems forgivable when you consider the long-term health benefits.

  3. It Takes Away Time Spent in Creativity
  4. When I went around school asking the question: “Can you help me with my homework?” it wasn’t because I wanted to avoid doing the assignments by myself. I sought help because I had more creative activities I was excited to explore.

  5. It Discourages Students from Learning
  6. I didn’t pay any attention to what I was doing with my homework. Help from a professional tutor or service was necessary because I viewed the work as pointless and even felt discouraged about the entire process of learning.

  7. It Doesn’t Relate to Improved Grades
  8. I realized that before I sought help, my homework assignments did very little to improve the grades I received in class. It seemed like a complete waste to focus my time and energy on assignments that didn’t improve my performance on exams. I would rather spend the time studying.

As you can see, pros and cons on this issue are all over the place. And I confess that as someone who sits on the fence, I often in search of someone who could help me with my homework whenever I feel overwhelmed. I don’t believe that doing so is a negative thing since it affords me the opportunity to focus on other important things as well as provide for me resources that are done accurately to use in the future when I need to study for important quizzes and exams.

Whatever side you sit on this issue doesn’t change the fact that take home assignments are likely here to stay, and as long as they are being assigned you will be just as likely in need of some quality student homework help from a professional service.

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