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Are you finding your homework assignments becoming more confusing or frustrating as you progress through your education? Do you constantly have to search for homework services that provide assistance for a fee? We’ve compiled a list of the top 8 student homework help websites that offer a variety of resources and services at no cost. Visit these to learn more about everything they have to offer:

Fact Monster

This website was tremendously helpful when I needed to pay for homework assistance during my K-8 years. It caters to teachers, parents, and children by offering fun study tools like flashcards, fact sheets, tip sheets, an encyclopedia, almanac, and an atlas. This really does make this site a one-stop-shop for all of your educational needs.

Khan Academy

If you are a visual learner then this portal is just for you. It’s a completely free service that continues to grow its collection of world-class video lessons across all common core concepts. It’s an excellent place to access in lieu of having to pay someone to do my homework when all I need is a little guidance.

Ask Dr. Math

This portal is run by Drexel University – a Philadelphia, PA, USA based institution that offers a comprehensive education in all disciplines – allows you to browse for math topics and solutions by educational level and keyword. This is a great resource for anyone who is like me and doesn’t like having to pay when homework is done for you.

Common Core Works

Why would you pay to do homework when you can visit a portal that that provides a large collection of downloadable K-12 resources in all subjects in both English and Spanish? That’s just what Common Core Works does and it’s quickly becoming the go to resource for parents and students alike.

Study Geek

Before you hire an expert to do your homework for you, you should seriously consider using this non-profit resource, which specializes in all areas of math (algebra, geometry, calculus, etc.) across all grade levels. The site provides detailed explanations and examples to help you work through problem sets on your own.

Scholastic Parent and Child

K-8 can be one of the hardest periods in a child’s educational life. When I needed help my homework during this time, I couldn’t find a single place that offered resources made specifically for my level (e.g., flash cards, tip sheets, vocabulary sheets, etc.). This online portal provides all of this in easily printable sheets you can download at no cost.

Hippo Campus

This site is the best alternative to finding an expert to pay to do my homework. It covers all subjects and all grades with a special emphasis in science and math. You can access animated videos (over 5,700) covering 13 disciplines collected from several educational institutions. Many of these use real-world examples and concepts that will strengthen your skills.


Finally, the last portal on your list is Wonderpolis, which is an excellent resource for students in K-8. It focuses on social studies, but also covers subjects like history and English. It’s filled with fun fact sheets, articles, and short entertaining videos that make learning any concept enjoyable and memorable.

All of the sites have their individual characteristics and features that make them great options to help me with my homework for free. I urge you to visit each site to learn more about how each could assist you with your individual needs. Using a combination of a few of the ones on this list should ensure you find the precise student homework help you need to improve your grades and achieve academic success.

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