Should Homework Be Banned?

I’ve long been of the opinion that there is very little educational worth that comes from spending hours after school working on tedious assignments that don’t teach anything new and are ineffective at reinforcing the lessons learned in class. I know this isn’t a popular opinion among today’s educators, but as someone who has dedicated so much time to doing these assignments first hand every day for the last decade and a half – you could say I’ve had enough and am quick to offer cash to someone do my homework like Do My Homework. The following are five of my biggest reasons why I believe homework should be banned from all schools.

It’s Not a Requirement in Some Parts of the World
Contrary to popular belief, take home assignments are not a requirement all over the world. Many modern nations have scrapped western mainstays like take home assignments and standardized tests in pursuit in more encouraging methods of assessing their students. When I need someone to do my assignment I tend to search for somebody from one of these countries because these students tend to have a modern understanding of what it takes to succeed academically.

Take Home Assignments are Just Time Wasters
One of the biggest reasons why I pay others to do my homework is because I find them to be nothing but big time wasters. I could be doing a dozen other things – some activities which can promote my physical and mental health – but instead I feel the need to lock myself away in my room in order to waste time on work that won’t do anything to improve my understanding of any given subject. When someone does my homework for me, I can spend the time doing something that is beneficial.

Most Teachers Don’t Take a Close Enough Look
This one time in junior high school, I spent a long time searching for the correct homework answers on the web. I was satisfied with the answers I found and thought my teacher would commend me on tackling the most difficult problems of the assignment. When we all received our assignments back the following day my score was just as high as several of my other classmates – many of which didn’t even finish their assignments. It was then I realized that teachers don’t actually pay close attention to what students put down. They’re just looking to see that some effort has been made.

Students Are Mentally Drained When they Begin
Even when students try as best they can to stay organized by using a homework planner, they often begin their assignments dead tired from the long day they’ve experienced at school. For some reason, teachers don’t take students’ mental health into consideration when they hand out these long and difficult assignments. They aren’t able to complete them and often don’t get anywhere near to doing them correctly.

Low Scores Can Negatively Affect One’s Confidence
It’s amazing that some of the worst homework ideas or beliefs that are out there insist that negative scores will encourage students to try harder. The opposite is true. Research studies of homework online show that low scores negatively affect students’ confidence to perform in school and sometimes in other areas. A better approach would be to find ways to assess students’ performance in terms of finding ways in which they excel rather than fail.

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