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High Performance Athletes

  • Why Athletes Donate

    Every day, athletes make the world a better place. Not only do they entertain us with their skills on the playing field, but many of them also donate their time and money to worthy causes. Here are four reasons why athletes give back. They know what it’s like to struggle Athletes are no strangers to

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  • charities misuse

    Abuses In Sports Charity

    Although sports charities are meant to help underprivileged children and support worthy causes, sometimes people who run these charities misuse the funds or take advantage of athletes. It can happen when the people in charge don’t follow the rules or use charity for their gain. How is charity abused in sports? There are a few

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  • massage therapists

    Why Do Athletes Need Massage?

    Athletes need massage for two main reasons: to improve their performance and to help them recover from a hard workout. Massage therapists can help athletes stretch out tight muscles, increase blood flow, and reduce muscle soreness. By helping athletes stay loose and limber, massage therapists can help them reach their full potential on the field

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