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Causes Of Apathy: 4 Psychological Factors

Causes Of Apathy: 4 Psychological Factors

We’ve all been there. That feeling of emptiness seems like nothing matters, and everything is pointless. Unfortunately, this feeling can be persistent for some and lead to apathy: a lack of interest or emotion in anything. While the causes of apathy vary from person to person, four main psychological factors are often responsible.

Rejection by the team

People who the people around them constantly ignore often become outcasts. They may feel like they have low self-esteem or have lost motivation. Apathy may start to rise in them. People who are rejected by society often stop taking care of themselves. Their priorities in life might change. They may start to crave sweets or alcohol.

Unloved or monotonous work

People sometimes do things they don’t like. They might have to do it for a long time and might be motivated by high salaries and bonuses. But if they are not happy, they might have a breakdown. It can happen in different ways, like people becoming isolated or apathetic or not wanting to do anything.

people becoming apathetic

If you have to do the same thing every day, your body will get bored of it. It can make you feel tired and uninterested in what you’re doing. You might even feel like you don’t want to do it anymore.

Protracted stress

Sometimes stress can be suitable for a person. When the body is stressed, it uses all its resources to cope. As a result, it can increase working capacity and improve mental processes and memory.

But a destructive process starts if the stress affects the body for a long time. The body’s resources are exhausted, making coping harder and harder. As a result, people may feel indifferent to everything and become very tired and apathetic.


Prolonged stress can lead to a breakdown when you start to feel bad and might become depressed. You might lose interest in things you used to enjoy. You may start to think about death or suicide.

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