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How To Sunbathe Correctly

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How To Sunbathe Correctly

The sun is essential because it helps our bodies produce vitamin D. Vitamin D is vital for strong bones and increasing immunity. The sun also helps us feel happy because it releases serotonin. Serotonin is a hormone that makes us feel good. And the sun can also help reduce pressure and prevent blood clots from forming.

The sun can be both good and bad for us. It can make our skin dry and wrinkled and give us sunburn or even skin cancer. But if we know how to sunbathe correctly, we can get the most benefit from the sun while avoiding these problems.

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Rules for sunbathing

  • Sit in the shade for about 10 minutes before going into the sun.
  • You should start with 5 minutes: 2.5 minutes for the back and chest. Increase the amount of time you spend in the sun by 5 minutes each day. The maximum time spent in the sun is 1 hour.
  • Lie down with your feet pointing towards the sun, and don’t forget to roll over periodically.
  • Do not sleep or read in the sun. You may not notice how long you sunbathe and get sunburned.
  • It is not necessary to sunbathe lying down. If you are moving: walking, boating, or cycling, the sun’s rays also affect you. At the same time, they fall at a smaller angle, and their action is softer, reducing sunburn risk.
  • The best sunbathing is in the morning before 11 am and evening after 4 pm. In the sun, try not to go out into the sun.
  • Do not sunbathe immediately after eating, but being in the sun on an empty stomach is harmful.
  • If you have fair skin, it is better to sunbathe in the shade. It will protect you from getting sunburn.
  • Use a protective cream that matches your skin phototype. If you swim, apply the cream every time you get out of the water.
  • Don’t forget the headdress.
  • Be especially careful when sunbathing near the water and in windy weather. You can quickly and imperceptibly get burned.
  • After sun exposure, don’t go straight into the water. Sit in the shade for a few minutes.

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