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What Childhood Traumas Hinder Us In Adulthood

childhood traumas

What Childhood Traumas Hinder Us In Adulthood

We all have experienced some trauma in our childhood. While some events may seem relatively insignificant, others can have a profound and lasting impact on our lives. Unfortunately, many times, we are not even aware of the ways these traumas continue to affect us as adults. This post will explore some of the most common childhood traumas and discuss how they can hinder our adult lives.

Pressure from adults

Physical punishment can cause a child to feel fear and uncertainty. It can often lead to the child becoming aggressive. Furthermore, when a child is constantly physically punished, it can cause mental trauma. The child feels humiliated by the actions of the adults around them. In reality, parents who physically punish their children are only traumatizing them further.

cause mental trauma

Betrayal by adults

Many children feel guilty and have difficulty relating to other people. It can lead to them making too many demands of themselves and their future partners. It sometimes causes problems in finding a spouse and frequent family conflicts. Some children blame themselves for these issues, hurting their self-esteem and communication skills.

Death of a relative

An event that turns a child’s life upside down can have different consequences. For example, a child might close off, stop communicating, and change how they see the world. In these cases, support and understanding from close people are needed as well as help from a therapist.

Parental addiction

Most children who feel responsible for adults and are left alone often don’t grow up to be psychologically healthy people. They have been traumatized and find it hard to get used to new conditions or people. They may also strive for total control of their surroundings, leading to suffering and fear of making mistakes.

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